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What is the role and importance of the finance manager in any company

First of all, a regional finance manager is a person who is charged with the responsibility of overseeing all the financial operations of the firm right from preparing financial reports to developing long terms strategies to meet the organization‘s goals. Finance managers usually work in numerous places, including insurance companies and banks.

What does a regional finance manager do?

Finance managers are typically responsible for the overall financial health of a firm. With the recent revolution in technology, the roles of regional finance managers are changing each day, consequently reducing the period taken to produce financial reports. In the recent past, the significant tasks of a financial manager were to supervise the company’s finance; nonetheless, they now perform a wide array of duties including advising senior managers on techniques used to maximize returns. In addition to this, they now perform complex data analysis jobs for organizations.

The specific duties assigned to regional finance managers purely depends on the particular industry they work. For instance, healthcare financial managers must be well versed in all subjects about finance in a hospital set up.

Regional finance job description

The following are the major duties that regional finance managers perform;

Coming up with innovative policies and procedures needed in accounting and preparation of financial reports

Reviewing, analyzing and preparing financial reports as well as projecting data while complying with GAAP

Managing the documentation of controls in all financial sectors in compliance with Sarbanes – Oxley (OX)

Implementing a strategy, all the financial accounting strategies which are compliant with the SOX

Managing all the procurement activities of the firm by creating a firm procurement financing foundation for local farmers through myriad collection gate points

Overseeing accounting reports for shareholders in international offices

Providing clients with insights needed to establish a start-up and how they can build a solid financial base

Using quick books to generate new accounts and possibly altering current accounts

Keeping track of all the employees who are tasked with the responsibility of doing financial reporting and budgeting

Evaluating market trends to take advantage of any opportunities that may arise to broaden the portfolio of services provided

Keeping a tab on financial operations to ensure that all the legal requirements are met

How to become a regional finance manager in a regional finance system

To become a regional finance manager, we need to have a bachelor’s degree and an experience of five years or more in any financial role such as a financial analyst or accountant. However, things have changed, and employers are now recruiting people with a Master’s degree in Economics, accounting, and business administration. Generally, educational institutions provide us with an opportunity to develop practical analytical skills as well as grasping financial analysis methods and software used.

Licenses and other certifications


Well, professional certifications are not necessarily required, although some financial managers still produce them to add to their competencies. The Chartered Financial Analyst honours investment experts with the CFA certification provided they have a bachelor’s degree, approximately four years of work experience, and previous three exams. Similarly, the Association for Financial Professionals bestows investors with the Certified Treasury Professional certificate to those who pass the exam and have two years of experience.

Work experience

Before being a financial manager, experience in other fields is needed, for instance, an accountant, security sales agent, or perhaps a loan officer. In some circumstances, companies offer training programs for their employees to help them get equipped with the skills required in the regional finance system.

Essential skills for a regional finance manager

Being a financial manager requires specific vital Skills to increase the productivity of the company. Some of these skills include;

Math skills – a good financial manager should possess strong math skills, algebra to be specific. An extensive understanding of complex business documents is also essential.

Written and verbal communication skills – Communication is key to every manager, and regional finance managers are no exception. They must be very fluent in English and be able to explain complex financial transactions without any errors proactively. Excellent communication skills depict that we are capable of relying on our opinions and ideas.

Analytical skills – one of the leading roles of financial managers is to aid executives in making informed decisions that affect organizations, and therefore they need to have exceptional analytical skills. Typically, analytical skills include the ability to assemble data from various sources and interpreting them to reach a credible conclusion that is beneficial to the business.

Planning and organizational skills – Usually, finance managers deal with complex data, and therefore they need to have the integration of excellent organizational skills to arrange documents.

Attention to detail – preparing balance sheets and statements of financial position may be a difficult task that requires a significant degree of care to more information.

Types of regional finance managers

Just like we previously explained, finance managers primarily focus on all finances of the company, and they generally make wise decisions when it comes to monetary transactions. Other duties of the regional finance manager will largely depend on the industry that he is working for. The various types of financial managers include ;

Risk and insurance managers

Both managers’ ultimate goal is to reduce the company’s risk; however, they use different approaches to accomplish this goal. A risk manager strives to minimize risks like a natural disaster, which brings their operations to a standstill. On the other hand, insurance managers buy insurance policies for a firm to reduce risks associated with threats.

Cash managers

A cash manager is tasked with the duty of managing all cash receipts and disbursements. In situations where the company lacks enough cash, he may resolve to a loan, but if the company is high on money, he may invest the funds somewhere else.

Chief financial officers

Being the senior-most financial manager, Chief financial officers are responsible for all the financial reporting of the company.

Branch managers

They help branch companies in approving loans and recruiting qualified employees so that the company’s productivity can elevate. In addition, branch managers schedule meetings with other top management executives to discuss both the current and future financial goals of the organization.

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